In paté or liver sausage Meatless is an exceptional fat replacer. Over 70% of fat reduction can… read more
Adding 20% Meatless flakes to processed beef products has an amazing effect on succulence and juiciness. Usually,… read more
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Meatless texturized flakes based on rice or fava beans are an excellent basic material for the development… read more
Producing vegan ready meals is made very easy by Meatless chunks, based on fava beans or lupine…. read more
Making a tasty hamburger without meat is not an easy thing. We can help you with special… read more
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The use of Meatless flakes offers opportunities to develop toppings for all kinds of pizza’s or fillings… read more
For two years we worked on new emulsion technology to make vegetarian and vegan sausage. Until now,… read more
Producing vegan ready meals is made very easy with the abilities of chunks based on fava beans…. read more
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