Where it all began

A development of nearly two decades

The story of Meatless is one of adapting to modern demand at an early stage. Originally a meat processing company, Jos Hugense decided in 2005 to switch to plant-based production of basic raw materials for the vegetarian and meat industry. A surprising choice at that time!

Nice to meet you!

We are Meatless

Let us help you by providing texturized raw materials as an ingredient for vegetarian and vegan food. Let us help you in developing your concepts, or improving your products.


Our history

Continuous innovation and continuous search for the best solutions

More variety in the choice of raw materials and more new applications

Meatless is continuously searching for new opportunities to make better textures and to meet the demands of the modern consumer. Personal health, environment, local sourcing, clean label, taste, juiciness, low processed, nutritional value, to name just a few of the challenges product developers have to face in developing plant-based food products.

Tested for you and ready

We source locally

For the snack industry, we developed several successful products like vegan nuggets and vegan finger food. Product developers working in this industry love Meatless products because of the water holding capacity of our products. This quality enables you to design plant-based products which can be deep-fried in fluent fat without losing moisture. But also in pizza toppings, Meatless is used to mimic little pieces of chicken or minced. The product is ready to use and can therefore be implemented in existing production systems very easily.