Meatless helps R&D teams all over the world with a broad variety of textures that have different qualities compared to others. Usually, research & development processes in food are slow-moving processes. But the market for plant-based products is speeding up and you want to follow the latest developments. This is why we support your R&D department, finding the best way to produce your products in close cooperation. We are a trusted partner in that field for more than 15 years and have a successful track record of newly developed consumer products, product improvements, and efficiency improvements. Our products are versatile and can be used in many different applications, we are happy to help you develop products that meet modern demand on subjects like sustainability and health.

New R&D centre

In 2021 we will build a large test centre to accommodate our R&D team even better and to be able to test with you as a customer at our plant in Goes. It will open new abilities to test on standard processing and packaging equipment and test things like texture and shelf life. The new centre will be opened in January 2022.

More variety

The vast majority of vegetarian food is made of either soy, wheat, or pea, but Meatless is producing rice, fava bean, wheat, pea, quinoa and is developing lentils, tapioca, sunflower, pumpkin and chickpea for more variety in vegetarian food. We also have bright white fibres in our portfolio and hypoallergenic varieties. Our products are often made of natural whole foods and are low-processed, we do not use high pressure or extremely high temperatures. We also use mainly local European raw materials, supporting European farmers to produce legumes and grains for processing clean label local food.

Convenience and quality

Our production technique guarantees you the best water holding capacity and heat stability in the business and our IQF products are ready for production, no pre-production preparation is necessary. We help you in the search for the best textures and techniques to create the best product for you. And what is most important; we think scalable, efficient and within realistic cost price limits. We work on your existing standard production lines and using simple technologies which cannot fail. We provide the industry with new ideas, Meatless changed the fish-analogue market, we were the first to texturize fava beans in 2017, and today we are the first offering a texturized quinoa. Be part of our success and let us help you to improve your products or develop new ideas!

We offer different qualities like;

  • Surprising varieties, like fava beans, quinoa, and lupin.
  • We also deliver surprising, more traditional varieties like wheat, rice, and pea
  • Watch our latest developments; chickpea, lentils, sunflower, and many more
  • Environmentally, Meatless products are among the best performers in the business
  • We can offer you low processed texturized whole foods
  • We can offer you high protein variations, based on concentrates
  • We have hypoallergenic varieties in our portfolio
  • We have a very sympathetic clean label declaration
  • We can offer bright white fibres
  • We have the best water holding capacity in the business for better juiciness
  • We are GMO-free
  • We have organic varieties available
  • We can provide you with local sourcingMeatless just ticks all of the boxes, try us!

The Meatless process