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Our story

Preferred supplier to the vegetarian and vegan industry

Since 2005, we went on a quest to find the best-textured products with which we could respond to future market developments. In that year we took the plunge and started the production of our unique plant-based textures, which are now widely used in the food industry.  Every day the Meatless team is committed to successfully improving products for customers all over the world. With more than fifteen years of experience in the production of texturized ingredients, we offer sound and sophisticated solutions for vegetarian and vegan products and all that within a realistic price range.

Our Story

Preparing for growth – Teaming up with BENEO globally

With the rising demand for healthier and sustainable food options, manufacturers seek alternatives. Meatless(r) offers clean and efficient solutions with its unique technology based on hydrocolloids. This is taking texture to the next level in the plant-based meat and fish industry.   Not only do Meatless® ingredients  enhance the texture, also the mouthfeel and stability of these alternatives is improved. As consumer interest in plant-based foods continues to grow on a global scale, the market for such texturizing solutions is ready for significant expansion worldwide.

Combining the strength of Meatless and BENEO is a next logical step. As experts in our fields, we are a natural fit. BENEO’s raw material expertise and ingredient knowledge, in combination with Meatless’ technology and product portfolio, offers our wide-spread customers a versatile plant-based toolbox.

Our story