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Textured Fava Beans Flake Coarse (TFF)

Article 24012


Textured Fava Beans Flake Coarse (TFF)

Since 2016 we have developed a range of products made from locally sourced fava beans. These textured flakes are highly successful in the market and offer a sustainable raw material with a very low impact on the environment (LCA data for land use, GHG output and water use available on request). We use gentle processes based on seaweed extracts without high pressure or any artificial colourizers or binders and use cooking processes not higher than 76 °C. The product is delivered frozen in a 15kg bag IQF.

Size: 2-20mm Colour: Off white

Article 24012


Products made from fava beans are among our most successful ranges.  These varieties are used in vegetarian and vegan products like burgers, sausages, minced meat and fish substitute.  They are also used to blend with meat and/or fish.

Hypo allergenic
Off white colour
Sourced in Northern Europe
Clean taste
Firm bite
Very strong heat stability

Article 24012


  • IQF frozen
  • 15kg bag
  • Block pallet 1200X1000X1800mm
  • 45 bags on 1 pallet
  • 675 kgs on 1 pallet