Creating a better future


At Meatless, we strongly believe plant-based raw materials are key to provide access to nutrition worldwide for a growing population.
Our five values are all-important throughout our company and workforce:

  • Trust and integrity
  • Respect
  • Excellence
  • Results-oriented
  • Responsibility


We have the ambition to be an important supplier of textured plant-based ingredients with different, unique qualities to the food industry worldwide.


Meatless is an R&D driven organisation, we are creators and inventors.  With unique innovations, we are able to make textured products from a broad spectrum of grains and pulses as a base, including whole foods. From the basic idea to the implemented high volume solution, Meatless provides knowledge and experience. And we do that in an open-source environment as we see partnership as the main tool to realize fast growth.  Using our knowledge and experience, we want to inspire people all over the world to try new tasty plant-based options with an as low as possible environmental footprint.


Meatless strongly believes that the most successful path to global growth is through strategic partnerships. We are working together with R&D teams worldwide to create not only tasty food products but also make high volume production of these products possible. Scaling up processes and sufficient supply fast is one of our key qualities in a fast-developing market, we are not only thinking about the future, but we are also part of it. We think results.