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Textured Rice Flake Fine (TRF)

Article 29010


Textured Rice Flake Fine (TRF)

The Textured Rice Flake Fine has a natural colour of clear white and fibre size of ≤ 1 cm. The fibres can be used in multiple applications. Despite the protein content of 2% the product is stable at -20 to 75 degree Celsius and in pH values between 4 to 8. It is suitable for a clean label declaration, because it can be declared as rice flour or rice, although it is hypo allergenic.

White ≤ 1 cm 2% protein Hypo allergenic.

Article 29010


Because of its unique soft bite and clean taste, the Textured Rice Flake Fine is perfect for mimicking vegan (or hybrid) fish applications, emulsions or fat replacer in meat applications. Test panels describe the texture and mouthfeel as greasy.

Soft bite
Greasy texture

Article 29010


  • Storage: frozen
  • Content bag [kg]: 15
  • Pallet size [mm] (LxBxH) (H = ±): 1200X1000X1800
  • Number of bags on pallet: 45
  • Amount pallet [kg]: 675