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See how an analog fishless product is made in a large food processing company

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All you need to know about Meatless...

Meatless is a highly innovative B2B developer and producer of textured plant-based ingredients which are used in the vegetarian and vegan industry and in the meat- and fish processing industry. Meatless products have one of the lowest footprints in the business, we deliver low processed products, have organic varieties, hypoallergenic varieties, and locally sourced varieties. Our products are used by the largest food processing companies worldwide, which we offer flexible and viable solutions, combined with sufficient production capacity.



  • Based in Goes, The Netherlands
  • Production approx. 3.000 tons per year
  • B2B
  • Worldwide delivery
  • Full technical support
  • Since 2005


  • Outstanding water holding capacity and heat stability
  • Very clean taste
  • Clean label product
  • Low processed
  • Locally sourced available
  • Hypo allergenic available
  • Organic available


  • Among the most efficient ingredients available for plant-based production
  • Full footprint data of the products available
  • Locally sourced available
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