Zeeuwse PioniersPrijs 2020

Meatless wins the Zeeland Pioneers Award!

Meatless has won the Zeeland Pioneers Award, a prestigious prize in the southwest of Holland. The prize consists of an amount of 5000 euros, a certificate and an artwork by Henk Vierveijzer. According to the jury; “A beautiful example of the Zeeland pioneering spirit. Meatless was initially a producer of meat products. But the company changed its direction in 2005. Jos Hugense with his company is a wonderful example of entrepreneurship in Zeeland, he was courageous to switch from his core business, meat processing, towards plant-based production. Meatless shows that companies in Zeeland play a pioneering role worldwide and at the same time do not forget their Zeeland base. The company is now rapidly expanding and is investing strongly in growth”. We are very happy with this recognition of what we have achieved in the past 15 years, a big thank you to the Meatless team, our customers and our stakeholders for all the support in the past decade.

Zeeuwse PioniersPrijs 2020

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