Vegan sausage with Meatless fibres

Developing a vegan sausage is not an easy request. A real meat hotdog or breakfast sausage has a specific and very recognizable taste, juicy and fresh with a certain elasticity, not rubbery but just firm enough for an excellent bite. That particular texture we wanted to copy, but now using plant-based ingredients. We worked a couple of years to develop sausages which come close to the meat originals. And we think we cracked it, using old school meat technology but using plant-based instead of meat. We even succeeded to keep fat as low as 5-10% and Meatless flakes guarantee you a juicy bite, just like the real thing. It’s made of whole food rice and fava bean only. Exactly like you would need to produce a meat-based sausage, you need a bowl chopper and a grinder, that’s all. Well, we can talk hours about it, but take a look at the video and see how easy it can be. Fancy a nice tasty Frankfurter from plants only? This process is easily scalable to a 300 ltr vacuum bowl chopper or larger which even improves the final result. If you are into making vegetarian or vegan sausages, come and taste this or we visit you to show how you can produce tasty plant-based sausages large scale. Give it a try, you will be surprized……


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