Taste the future of food!

Fancy London during the Christmas season and are you interested in the future of food? Then come to Food Matters Live from 20 until 22 November at the London ExCeL, where Meatless will be giving a live demonstration of the production of hybrid meat products. At Food Matters Live, we will show you how to make high-quality tasty hamburgers, containing as much as 50% plant-based raw materials, with all the benefits for our health and our ecological footprint.

In cooperation with well-known machinery supplier Verbufa, you will see a fully operational production line on which we will produce hamburgers every day around lunchtime. And of course we cook them once they are done. So you can taste for yourself what these products are like and be convinced of the quality of this new dimension in meat production!

Because our techniques go beyond fillers or regular meat extension techniques. They are about improving meat products to meet modern consumer demand. We have worked more than ten years to develop viable and scalable techniques to do this: delivering knowhow to you and create excellent ingredients to develop the best meat products with a high content of plant-based raw materials. And with success!

Our products are based on natural whole food grains and legumes only and make very low-fat content possible without losing taste or texture. We are excited to hear your opinion on these type of products, that can have a huge potential for your business as a producer, QSR or retailer.

So come to London and visit us on stage. Experience how combinations of meat and plants give a whole new dimension to the meat category and convince yourself!

Please send us a request and we will be happy to arrange a personal VIP invitation to visit this highly interesting show and congress, where you can taste the future of food!


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