What we make

Meatless supply a broad and varied range of basic ingredients

Currently there are four main groups within the Meatless product range; texturized products based on rice (hypo-allergenic), fava beans, lupine and wheat. These four basic products are available in different sizes and colours. The rice varieties are also available dried and as a powder. Most of the Meatless ingredients are white to light yellow in colour. We can also supply versions in another colour, such as brown and red. For colouring we only use natural products like real caramel and beetroot. Meatless products can be delivered worldwide, frozen as well as dried.

Meatless offers unique products

At Meatless we use seaweed products to bind our ingredients, which results in a relatively low (fossil) energy consumption. In addition, these ingredients have significantly different properties compared to extrusion products. Meatless ingredients, for example, have a higher WHC (Water Holding Capacity). Because of the high heat stability the end products containing Meatless ingredients will still be very juicy after frying, sterilizing and deep frying. Meatless is used as a basic ingredient in vegetarian fish products, for instance, but it is also an ingredient that improves the succulence, the texture and the fat experience of meat products. For use in ready meals and snacks like spring rolls and croquettes, we also produce larger flakes in natural irregular shapes mimicking little pieces of chicken meat.


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