Our story

The Meatless idea came about in 2003

Within our meat processing company,  at the beginning of this century  we became aware that the world was changing.
We went on a quest to find an innovative product with which we could respond to future market developments. In 2005 we took the plunge and started a production company with an annual capacity of 1,500 tonnes, the production line being built in a building next to the existing meat processing factory. That was the real start of Meatless as a company and a product.

The company starts in 2006 with no turnover, but it doesn’t take long before several larger manufacturers of vegetarian products become interested in testing the product. Meatless focuses on the development and supply of semi-finished products and technical know-how to the national and international food industries. Soon the first clients tentatively start using the innovative products developed by Meatless.

In 2007 we sold the meat processing branch and now focused on developing and producing vegetable raw materials.
Since 2010 Meatless has shown annual growth of more than 20% and the product range was extended to the current product portfolio which comprises more than twenty different varieties. Every year new products are added to offer more variety for customers using new raw materials and new shapes of the fibres. The products are supplied in Europe, North and South America, and Asia. The production capacity is regularly adapted to the increased annual demand.

Today, two fully automatic production lines turn out more than 2,000 kg per hour with production staff working in several shifts. In October 2020 Meatless completed a new drying facility, one of the biggest food-grade dryers in the south of Holland. It quadruples the current drying capacity. Meatless started back in 2006 with three workers, we now employ 25 professionals. Every day the Meatless team is committed to successfully improving products for and by clients. With more than fifteen years of experience in the production of texturized ingredients, we offer sound and sophisticated solutions for vegetarian, vegan, lean, and sustainable products and all that within a realistic price range. In close cooperation with clients and partners, Meatless provides concepts as well as full technical support. All our products are GMO-free from the start and are low processed. If possible, we source locally.

Meatless is continuously developing new products and new versions of existing products, as well as new basic raw materials. Recently we introduced two versions with higher nutritional values and we are also testing and producing versions with a different colour. Meatless invests in new developments to meet market demands in order to ensure future growth. For 2020/2021 pea, quinoa and fava beans are added to the portfolio.


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