Europe vegetarian

Fast growing market

The plant-based market is one of positive news all over. M&M just published their latest report, expecting a total worldwide sales value of over $15 billion in five years from now. It matches pretty well with the insights of Nielsen, they recognized the growth of 49% in the European plant-based sales from 2018 to 2020. These are staggering growth figures, and though plant-based is still small compared to animal-based protein production, it is getting serious business. So, how are the individual European countries doing in those past two years? It might surprise you: Austria, Netherlands, Poland, Romania, and Spain are among the fast runners, seeing over 50% growth in this period. The UK has grown even 73%. But the absolute winner is Germany, which nearly doubled its sales in plant-based in two years, tripling the volume in meat analog and selling 6 fold in fish analog. Germany is not running, but rocketing! At Meatless we are proud to be at the base of many successful meat analog and fish analog concepts and we congratulate our many German customers “zu Ihrem Riesenerfolg!”. Meatless ticks all the boxes; Low processed, clean-label, local, hypoallergenic, scalable, and the German DIL recently listed Meatless as the most sustainable raw material available.