Today, if you buy a plant-based product, there are three choices;  soy, wheat, or pea.  Meatless is rapidly expanding its portfolio to offer you more variety and more functionality to develop your vegetarian or vegan products.

more variety, more choice

In 2016 we were the first to introduce textured fava beans, and our extensive range of products from this bean is now very successful. In 2020 we introduced textured quinoa as a new and interesting variety. In 2021 we experiment with new product lines based on lentils and chickpea which will broaden our portfolio to more than 8 principal raw materials. This will offer you more variety, more choice, and more ability to develop distinctive concepts. But there is more. We are able to offer you local raw materials, made from European products. Or organic, as we are fully certified to produce organic varieties. We will also introduce textured fibre and textured starches as we are able to texturize not only proteins but also the side streams of protein production.  Meatless is a very versatile and innovative company, offering you out-of-the-box ideas, and we do not only have the ideas, we make them work and we make them economically viable.