How we work

Technical support

We offer you complete technical support during product development as well as during the actual implementation on full size production lines. Our technicians and commercial employees have long-term experience in the food industry, they are familiar with your production lines and production systems and can help you with fine-tuning or adapting your products to improve them.

Production flexibility

With respect to production, Meatless can also offer clients tailor-made solutions and flexibility. We can also adapt production to different customer specifications or requirements, for instance with regard to the product colour, providing there is sufficient volume.

Preferred supplier in the food sector

Meatless production lines meet the highest standards within the industry and our production systems are BRC certified. Additionally Meatless complies with the requirements of most of the leading international companies in the food sector. Meatless is FDA/USDA approved and meets the requirements for kosher and halal production and the production specifications for Japan. Our production capacity is growing rapidly. At the moment, maximum output is about 2,000 kg/h and production takes place in several production shifts.


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