Meatless products are used by the fish processing industry worldwide as an extender or to develop surimi like textures. We are leading in analog fish textures and offer bright white and very clean tasting products to design excellent fish replacing products. For vegan and vegetarian purposes we are developing tuna and salmon textures which are expected in 2021. As an extender, it is also possible to combine fish and plant-based in a blended product, for instance, a 50/50 product, 50% fish and 50% Meatless textured product. As the prices of fish are increasing, using Meatless can help to control cost price, but it can also be a strategy to create a lower footprint for your products without losing taste or quality.

Meatless textured products are not made by extrusion techniques, which makes them very different from regular TVP’s. We offer low processed whole food textures, made from a range of different raw materials, both grains, and pulses. We are also able to texturize pure starches or food-fibre, which will open a full new range of opportunities in the coming years.

Technically we offer you a heat stable product which can even be deep fried, a product with an excellent water holding capacity and a very clean taste. The products are GMO free and within our portfolio we have hypo allergenic varieties, glutenfree varieties and SKAL certified organic varieties.


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