The food industry requires high quality standards and security of supply.
Meatless is BRC-certified and complies with the demands of a large number of international leading companies in the field of food production. Meatless is permitted in the USA according to the standards of FDA and USDA. Our quality management system not only provides continuous strict inspections and checks of products and processes, but also covers matters such as security of supply, employee and environmental safety, and the footprint of our activities.

Meatless products can be delivered under the following certifications:

  • Bio (SKAL)
  • Kosher (OU for USA, NL rabbinate)
  • Halal

Stable prices and security of delivery
Strict standards apply to our products and the way we produce them and every production batch is fully traceable to the origin of the raw materials. We maintain long term relationships with selected suppliers, who often supply varieties especially developed for Meatless. By working closely together with chain partners we guarantee stable prices and secure delivery, also for high volumes.



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