Vegetarian & vegan

Creating variety in vegetarian food; quinoa minced meat

Many products in the vegetarian category are based on soy, wheat and pea. At Meatless we developed a… read more

Febo vegetarische grillburger

Febo staat bij iedereen bekend als de snackbarketen in Nederland waar je je snacks uit de muur kan… read more

Making an excellent vegan sausage

Production of tasty plant-based sausage is not easy. We provide you with excellent mixes and raw materials to… read more

Vegan pizza toppings

For the large pizza processing industry, we developed a series of pizza toppings ready-to-use on vegan or vegetarian… read more

Vegan ready meals

Based on fava beans, we at Meatless make a small chunk of plant-based texture similar to chicken meat…. read more