Wouldn’t it be logical to create a category in between vegetarian and meat?

A 50/50 concept for those consumers that want to reduce their meat consumption, but for whom a full vegetarian or vegan diet is too radical. Hamburgers made with plant-based ingredients, but also with meat as a functional addition for taste. In this burger, we use a part of Meatless flakes and other plant-based raw materials and combine them with 50% of beef. Fat is reduced no less than 40%, but this is still a very succulent and tasty burger, a burger that anyone can eat who likes to eat meat but wants to reduce his meat consumption. We all need to work on a shift of our diet towards less animal-based protein, but that doesn’t mean that there can be no solutions with meat.

50% meat
50% meatless



Ontwerp en realisatie: Wigman van Dijk | © 2019, Meatless, Netherlands