Meatless is providing the food industry unique texturized plant-based ingredients for over 15 years, more than a decade of developing innovative food products and helping customers from idea to realistic concepts and successful market introductions. We love food, we love innovation, we love efficient solutions, we love to eat tasty food. We believe in better food and are in a continuous search to find the perfect solutions. But on the other hand, we are not fantasizing, we understand that successful product development results in a scalable and financially viable product which has good commercial chances. Our company developed into a producer of texturized ingredients that make sense, not only in vegetarian or vegan food but also as an extender in meat and fish products. We have a long experience in large scale production of food products and can help you develop amazing new textures.

Beef sausage

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Chicken nuggets/patties

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Meatless Hamburgers gebakken_LR


In paté or liver sausage Meatless is an exceptional fat replacer. Over 70% of fat reduction can be… read more