Our passion

Improving the quality of your products

Meatless stemmed from the vision that there should be different and better ways to produce foodstuffs. That may seem ambitious, but we still have that vision and we sincerely believe in it. It is a conviction that can be felt throughout the Meatless team: continuously and with great dedication we are engaged in the improvement of food products, making them more sustainable, more wholesome and more functional.

Also, our own Meatless products are subject to continuous development and innovation. At the moment, for instance, we are developing high-protein fibres with a protein content of over 10%, and in 2017 we introduced a new variety based on fava beans. Achievements such as these create opportunities for cooperating with food manufacturers who, just like us, believe in innovation and better production methods.

Our mission

We contribute to a better future by developing better food products, whether this is in reducing the  ecological footprint or to improve health, but our principal aim is to help food products taste better. First of all, we try to make and help to create tasty products: as far as we are concerned, good food comes first. We strive to inspire people by coming up with innovative ideas, functional ingredients, tasty food and realistic concepts.

It is our ambition to produce the best products for meat and fish extension, but also to be the best partner for technical development and reformulating vegetarian and vegan products. Providing the growing world population with wholesome and safe food is considered by many as a major challenge, in view of the limited availability of farm land, water and fossil fuels. Our activities are a modest contribution to alleviate this problem but they give a positive feeling to all our employees, clients and suppliers.

Our inspired team helps companies all over the world by using a combination of unique ingredients, expert knowledge and tailor-made approaches. The results are fantastic. This fills us with pride and even though we are growing rapidly, it is not our ambition to be the largest producer in our line of business. We prefer to cherish our long term relationships with clients who share our enthusiasm to be successful together.

Knowledge is essential

Knowledge of our processes and products, but perhaps even more important knowledge of our clients’ processes and products, is essential. That’s why we continuously invest in our team of application technicians competent and experienced in the field of producing meat, fish and vegetarian foodstuffs. On top of that we never stop our in-company innovations to be able to present surprising and new varieties, time and again.

Such a corporate culture creates a pleasant working atmosphere. We enjoy our work and that brings energy we can use to go the extra mile for our clients. Without exception, our employees are inspired and loyal, they all have what we call ‘The Meatless spirit’, a mentality that stands for teamwork, creativity and success.


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