Meatless announces investment programme for 2019-2020

To accommodate the growing demand of its customers, Meatless announces a major investment program to triple production capacity in the next two years and to shift a large part of its energy requirement towards renewable energy. The company will invest 1.7 million Euro in a two-year scheme (2019/2020). Meatless is committed to exploring how to grow sustainably, while supporting the local economy, extending facilities and continuing to improve products and application technology for its customers.

Projects are identified across the production facility in Goes, Netherlands and exciting projects getting underway this year include:

  • Installation of a second 1.500 kg/h cryogenic tumbler
  • Installation of a second 4.000 kg/h cooking system to pasteurize product before packing
  • Building a new 400 m2 office building
  • Installation of over 2.000 m2 of solar panels
  • Installation of 100% LED lighting

In 2020, the program will be completed with the installation of a flowbed drying machine, which will triple the current production capacity for dehydrated Meatless products. A new 200 m2 testing facility will boost both product and application development into new generations of better food products in the vegetarian, vegan, meat and fish categories.

Also in 2020, the Meatless manufacturing operation in Goes will be extended to 2.500 m2. The expansion, scheduled for completion in December 2020, represents the creation of at least 10 new jobs.

Meatless established its headquarters in Goes in the southwest of The Netherlands 13 years ago with less than 5 employees in a small 400 m2 production facility. Since then, Meatless has developed into a fast-growing venture with an average annual growth of 20%.

“Our Goes based workforce has proven its ability to meet the demands of our customers throughout Europe”, said Jos Hugense, CEO of Meatless. “We are successful in offering solutions for our customers, like bright white textured products for fish analogue and chicken analogue products, or an excellent tasty plant-based succulent breakfast sausage”.

The investment in new machinery and tools will triple the company’s production capabilities and decrease its footprint substantially. Hugense: “In the fast-growing vegetarian and vegan markets cost price and scalability are now key. The category is developing from a niche to mainstream production, which means higher volumes and better efficiency.”

Meatless is a main producer of textured functional ingredients used in the vegetarian, meat and fish industry. The functionality’s like clean taste, clean label, low-fat, improved succulence, hypoallergenic and competitive pricing support the success of our highly innovative products.


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