9-9 Live Webinar – Making Excellent Vegan Sausages

We will launch the first of a series of 4 webinars on 9th of September. Join us for this first webinar to learn about vegan sausage making. The session will contain presentations about the techniques to make a palatable vegan sausage using Meatless textured products including a practical demonstration using a standard bowlchopper. There will be lots of information about the vegetarian B2B market and the use of Meatless products in sausage applications. Later webinars will have the following themes; Making of fish analog applications (Oct 6), making of blended products (Nov 11) and making of vegan meals using Meatless fava bean chunks (Dec 9). If you click on the link below you can register for free at Xtalks.


We hope to meet everybody on the 9th of September!


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