Let’s talk chicken…, without chicken

To make a tasty, analogue chicken nugget or – patty, there are a few things you need: A plant-based, white textured product for instance. That must have a clean taste, not a beany ‘off-taste’.

It also has to be as juicy as a nice succulent real chicken product. So, you want to produce it from a low processed whole food, GMO-free and clean label. Easy to process; without question. And of course, reasonably priced. Therefor you need a reliable partner who can deliver you any quantity meeting your lead times.

We can help you with that. Because our Meatless Textured Product range is unique. As a main supplier to the vegetarian industry, we supply fibres, chunks or varied sizes of grinds. Ready to use and extremely easy to process. If you want to know more about our Texture Product range, come meet us at FIE in Paris on 3-5 December.

If you scan the QR code with your mobile phone, automatically our stand number will be put on your agenda. So, come and meet us in Paris, to taste samples and see our latest varieties of our ‘tasteless’ plant-based products, including variants that have a high protein value. See you in Paris!

Scan the QR-code with your mobile phone, to put our stand number directly in your agenda.


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