6-10 Live Webinar – Fish Without Fish; Making the Best Plant-Based Fish Textures Using Meatless Products

Meatless is one of the leading suppliers for white fish analog textures, a booming category within vegetarian and vegan food production. We do not only provide our customers with bright white textures but do that within realistic cost price ranges and in high volume. To show you how easy it is to make plant-based fish fingers without fish, we organize a new webinar on the 6th of October in which we will show you what the expectations are for wild fish in the world and how easy you can develop substitutes without fish. We will also show you a professional production of meat analog plant-based fish fingers at high volume. And speakers like world-famous marine photographer Dos Winkel will explain how the marine ecosystems in the world are threatened. Don’t miss this issue of our webinar series about fish and how to substitute it, in a tasty and viably way. Register today, it’s free.


Hero Image Fish Webinar

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