*What a year 2018 was…! Vegetarian and vegan food are booming and we saw a healthy growth of our production in the past year. For 2019, we expect an increase of over 20% in our sales, with lots of developments in both analog fish products (we are able to deliver bright white textured products) and as well as in our vegan products. *

We also see another trend appearing very clearly. Although vegetarian food is highly successful, the volume compared to the consumption of meat is still rather low at 2,5%. If we want to shift that seriously, we need more ideas. At the Food Matters Live show in London last year November, we introduced an easy processable and tasty hamburger made of 50% meat and 50% plant. We actually made the burgers live at the show, using whole food rice and fava beans as vegetable, natural raw materials.

Why do we use grains and pulses and not vegetables like broccoli or carrots? Well, we think you prefer to eat your vegetables with your burger, not in it. That is why we have chosen to develop excellent burgers which are not different from the regular products. In London, we had discussions with consumer groups about such a product, which can be a solution for people who want to reduce their meat consumption, but who might think vegetarian is just a bridge too far. People that tasted the burgers, were enthusiastic about taste and texture and in those discussions, we faced no objections or negative comments.

Combining is the next step

Fifty-Fifty is a serious and viable option to reduce meat consumption without the necessity of changing your diet. It can boost the transition towards the more plant-based products in our diet with significant numbers and coexist with the fast-growing vegetarian and vegan markets.

From a technical stance, we know everything about it. For more than a decade we have been developing the best-textured products to create better vegetarian and vegan products for the large food processing industry. But we also have the best solutions for combining meat with plant-based textured ingredients to create tasty, leaner and more sustainable meat products.

Easy, viable, scalable, high volume, certified to the highest standards and excellent within workable price limits. Call us, we will be happy to show you that Meatless is not about simple meat extension, but seriously improves the quality and taste of your products.


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