Fava bean disguised as chicken?

During the last few years, considerable technical progress was made in the world of meat substitutes. And that includes our efforts at Meatless. Using rice as primary ingredient, we developed some wonderful alternatives for fish that were successfully introduced in various countries by a number of our clients.

After more than 18 months of preparation, the latest variant of our Meatless® fibre went into production: Meatless® made of fava beans. It has turned out to be a variant with unprecedented opportunities. Using fava beans we can create bigger pieces that are very similar to pieces of chicken. This makes this product very well suited for stir frying and use in pastas, rice dishes, etc. We also created a high protein version that has a protein content similar to that of meat.

The fava bean

The fava bean is an interesting pulse with a long history. In English there are several synonyms for this bean (broad bean, field bean, bell bean, etc.) and it falls into the category of leguminous plants. As with lupines, this plant produces its own nitrogen in vesicles that attach to the roots and is therefore a natural green manure. The use of fava beans for human consumption goes back a very long way. As early as 7,000 BC it was already being grown in the Middle-East, and when people in medieval times talked about beans they almost always were referring to fava beans. They were used by the ancient Egyptians, the Greeks and the Romans. But people did not always like them and by the 19th century they slowly went out of fashion. They disappeared from the cookery books and were used as cattle feed. And now at Meatless we are giving the fava bean a new lease of life. The white pieces in the picture were made of fava bean flour: pure vegetable and without any artificial additives. Their resemblance to pieces of chicken is amazing. This makes this new product the ideal ingredient for vegetarian or vegan dishes.


The production is carried out on a specially developed automated production line at our production facility in Zeeland, The Netherlands. The beans used in the production are bought from suppliers in North Western Europe, close to home. Meatless is producing more than a thousand kilogrammes of this product per hour at very attractive prices and is able to scale up production to much higher volumes on short notice. The product is ready for use and ideally suited for food manufacturing companies, the catering sector, delicatessen counters, food service and much more.

Want to see how easy it is to use Meatless®?

Give us a call or send an e-mail and we will show you how we can work wonders with fava beans. You will see how easy it is to prepare something delicious from beans. Because, all said and done; food should be delicious. And we are proud that this can be realized using traditional beans from local producers!


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