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You are invited for a worldwide premiere:

Enjoy the live demonstration of hybrid meat products being created on stage during Food Matters Live in London, 20-22 November

• Live production and cooking on stage
• Tasty burgers made from 50% legumes and 50% meat
• Potential for a new category between meat and meat-free
• A new strong opportunity to lower the footprint of processed meat products.

Looking for innovations, new opportunities? We kindly invite you to visit Food Matters Live in the London Excel 20-22 November. Meatless will produce low-fat 50/50 hamburgers on stage, made of 50% meat and 50% legumes. More than a decade of experience mixing plant ingredients with meat will be shown on a professional production line, provided by Verbufa.

This concept is proved in hundreds of successful products on the market in different countries. In London, Meatless will demonstrate live that Meatless in meat really matters; For a healthier product, for a more sustainable product and yes, for a more tasty, succulent product!

The food industry is searching for ways to reduce their carbon footprint using more plant-based raw material in processed products. Meatless has delivered those plant-based ingredients for more than a decade now; natural and clean label textured wholefoods for the vegetarian and vegan industries. But Meatless’ plant based products are also widely used in processed meat- and fish products. Meatless products are among the most efficient plant-based natural ingredients available on the market, having an extremely low footprint (land use, energy use, water use and GHG output).

Making 50/50 so-called “hybrid” products can mean a big step towards more plant-based proteins in our diet, without noticing any difference. A category between meat and meat-free could substitute as much as 10-15% of all meat production, comparable to the position of surimi in fish. Meatless products can be used in any processed product, like chicken nuggets, hamburgers, sausages, meatballs or ready-made meals. Though vegetarian sales are growing healthy, a combination plant/meat could boost a transition towards more plant-based protein in our diet in a big way and additionally to vegetarian.

Come to Food Matters Live and learn about the perfect product for the trendy flexitarian, the latest data on sustainability and food, the latest innovations and promising solutions. The Meatless team will be happy to answer any question and will back up its theory with a practical demonstration, so everybody can see and taste what is possible today.

Where: Food Matters Live, London Excel
When: 20-22 November, demo every day at noon
Who: www.meatless.nl
What: We will make tasty low-fat burgers with 50% plant-based ingredients and 50% meat
For whom? Decision makers in QSR’s, food service, out of home market and retail worldwide. Producers of processed meat products, processed fish products, vegetarian and vegan food products. Trendwatchers, data analysts, journalists, culinary writers, sustainability officers, NGO’s.
Why? Making tasty combined plant/meat products can offer a huge potential for shifting towards a more plant-based diet, which is important for health and environmental reasons.

I like to enjoy the live demonstration of 50/50 burgers.