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Fat reduction

Meatless is a fat substitute that adds value to meat products

Meatless flakes are among the best fat substitutes in meat products available today. Meatless allows retention of the fat experience, which is why very low fat percentages between 5 and 12% can be obtained. Using Meatless not only enhances the taste and succulence of low-fat products, it also makes these product smoother, comparable in mouthfeel to full-fat products.

Meatless products are ready-for-use and extremely easy to process. The ingredients we use are exclusively natural products, made from the whole grain kernel or legumes. Meatless products are clean label; hypo-allergenic versions as well as certified bio-versions are available.

Fat reduction is an important driver in the modern food industry. Meatless can offer easily implementable methods to develop delicious low fat products and to produce them on existing production lines. In many cases we can even make lean meat products taste better than regular full-fat products.