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Better meat products

Better meat products with Meatless

The wide range of Meatless ingredients offers possibilities for substantially improving regular foodstuffs without the loss of taste or taste sensation. Meatless is often used in meat products as using Meatless as a basic ingredient helps to reach a number of important objectives in producing meat products:

  • Reduction of the fat content
  • Retention or improvement of juiciness/succulence
  • Reduction or substitution of animal proteins, meat and/or fat
  • Substitution of certain ingredients like chicken egg proteins or palm oil
  • Lowering the level of cholesterol
  • Reduction in the number of e-numbers in declarations
  • Impact on cost price.

Within the provisions of the legislation it is possible to reduce more than 30% of the energetic value of a regular product, so that a product can be claimed to have a lower energetic value (lean). In some cases we have succeeded in developing low-fat meat products with a fat content of 3% or less. The Health Council and the Nutrition Centre of the Netherlands give the advice to replace products with a high content of saturated fat with products containing less fat or unsaturated fatty acids, with a view to lowering the risk of cardiovascular diseases. In addition, low-fat products fit better in a balanced diet that focuses on a lower caloric value. That is why the demand for low-fat products has increased strongly in the past few years, despite the fact that the taste of most low-fat products is inferior to that of full-fat versions. With Meatless, it is not only possible to equal the taste of full-fat products: in some taste panels the members even prefer the lean version to the regular product.