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Enhanced succulence

Meatless greatly improves the succulence of meat products

Meatless products have a higher heat stability than extrusion products. That’s why a product made with Meatless will be juicier and will taste better after frying or roasting as Meatless improves the fat experience in low-fat products. The yield after frying or roasting is better and the retention of succulence is unique, even in very low-fat products. For instance, these properties enable the manufacture of extremely lean hamburgers, comprising extra lean beef (90/10) and Meatless. A minimal addition to the declaration (only “rice flour”) is all that is needed to obtain a better taste, while maintaining the fat experience. The product will have a lower fat content and will be produced in a more sustainable way. And all that while retaining clean label properties (hypo-allergenic) and within a realistic cost price level. Many leading manufacturers of meat products rely on Meatless as a basis for successful premium products.