Our aim: enabling superior meat extension

By adding Meatless to meat products they can be improved in taste, succulence, and bite, as well as in health and sustainability.
We supply our products and knowledge to leading companies in the meat processing industry, including the European top brands. Meatless is successfully applied in sausages, snacks, chicken products, minced meat, hamburgers, ready meals, pâté, nuggets, etc.

Originally Meatless was a meat processing company, but since 2006 our efforts are exclusively targeted at innovative development and manufacture of Meatless products for meat extension. Meatless offers you the opportunity to develop very lean meat products tasting just as nicely as the full-fat versions. Using Meatless you can create a juicy little steak tartare, or a beef bratwurst with a soft bite. Further development and improvement of this type of application is our core business. The Meatless team offers you practical, feasible and affordable solutions with full technical support.

What can we do for meat?
• Reduce fat content
Improve succulence
• Influence the cost price
• Substitute part of the meat constituents
• Improve texture
• Substitute specific ingredients

How do we do that?
• By using texturized products based on white beans, wheat, lupine, rice and seaweed
• By using our broad experience in meat production
• By continuously improving products and applications
• By working closely together with buyers and striving for long term partnerships

Your preferred supplier for technical development and re-formulating meat products

Meatless offers specialty ingredients and actively takes part in your efforts to improve your products, should the latter be your requirement. In close cooperation with our clients we identify goals and our technical advisors will help them realize those goals.
That’s how, in cooperation with our clients, we developed a tasteful and juicy beef hamburger with only 3% of fat, lean wok minced meat with a fat content of 7%, a vegan fish product, a lupine burger for a large fast food chain and dozens of other successful meat and meat free products and concepts, pasteurized as well as sterilized. Meatless products are heat stable, which is why they can also be used in high temperature processes like sterilizing or deep-frying.

• Meat products containing a component of vegetable raw material (hybrid)
• Vegetarian and vegan products

For whom?
We work together with meat processing companies, snack manufacturers, manufacturers of ready meals, retailers, manufacturers of vegetarian and vegan products, caterers, restaurant chains and fast food chains.