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Better fish products

Meatless is ideally suited for use in fish products

The rice-based Meatless flake is an extremely suitable ingredient in fish products. In composite fish products therefore, you can substitute a part of the fish material by vegetable material, without affecting the taste or the texture of your product. This creates a new version of surimi with which you can easily make pieces of fish or crab with a reduced fish content. Fish is getting scarcer every year while demand is growing, which is why manufacturers are looking for new methods to produce fish, like fish farming. In spite of all the efforts, fish prices keep increasing, and people are looking for methods of fish extension, like the well-known surimi. Meatless offers fish extension to perfection, with clean label (hypo-allergenic) and within realistic cost price levels. A number of leading foodstuff manufacturers consider Meatless products as their basis for successful composite fish products. Meatless adds an extra dimension to fish products, meaning they can be enriched using vegetable raw materials that have no effect on taste or texture.

Meatless is also used for creating vegetarian and even vegan fish textures and forms the basis for successful vegetarian fish products in Europe, the USA and Asia. The rice version in particular is similar to the soft, somewhat glazy fish texture and gives stunning results with respect to complete fish substitution.