Our ambition: developing and producing a premium fish extension

At Meatless we provide our products and knowledge to leading brands and companies in the fish processing industry and our products are successfully used in various fish products.
Meatless products are also the best option for the development of fish free vegetarian or vegan foodstuffs with a fish texture.

Since 2003 we have developed and made products to be used in vegetarian foodstuffs and the meat processing industry, and since 2015 we also supply the fish processing industry. The emphasis here is mainly on improving the texture of the fish products and on reducing the cost price.

What can we do with regard to fish?
• create an effect on texture, colour and price
• substitute (part of) the raw fish materials

How do we do that?
• using texturized products based on rice and (seaweed)
• using our broad experience in the field of industrial fish processing

We like to be your preferred supplier of (re-)formulated fish products

We offer special ingredients and, when required, work with the client on product improvement.
In close cooperation with our clients we identify objectives, and our technical advisors will help them realizing those objectives. That is how we started to work closely together with various clients on vegan fish fingers, vegetarian crab-cake and fish-cake, cod burgers with 70% of fish content, vegetarian fish burgers and many other fish or fish related products.

Fish is getting more scarce and more expensive

Fish is getting scarcer and demand increases year after year. In recent years, fish prices have increased, in spite of the fact that a large part of the fish production in the world now comes from fish farming. At Meatless we have noticed that there are great opportunities for composite fish products partly containing vegetable raw material. Such a product may look like surimi, but Meatless can make fish cookies, fish fingers or fish burgers at a higher quality level. Furthermore, it is heat resistant (preserved and deep fried products) and the vegetable percentages can be higher than in surimi.

For whom?
• The global fish processing industry
• Retailers, caterers and fast food chains
• Meal production facilities
• Fish free products for manufacturers of vegetarian and vegan products