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100 % vegetable

Meatless is 100% vegetable and eminently suitable as a basic ingredient for vegetarian and vegan products.

Meatless does not contain any raw materials of animal origin, which is why it is not only perfectly suitable for application in vegetarian products, but also as a basic ingredient in vegan products. By using production methods unique to the world and all developed in-company, Meatless produce distinctive ingredients with special properties. Meatless products can add succulence, fat experience and smoothness and they can improve the texture of a large variety of products. Meatless is made of natural products like wheat, white beans, lupine or rice. For the standard versions we exclusively use so-called “wholefoods”: we process the complete grain or the bean. Furthermore, Meatless is “clean label” and it can be applied within realistic cost price levels. Meatless products form the basis of successful premium foodstuffs made by a large number of leading manufacturers of vegetarian and vegan products worldwide and for our clients we are continuously developing new textures and ideas.