Our ambition: developing premium vegetarian products

We provide our products and knowledge to leading brands and companies producing vegetarian products all around the world. Our products are used successfully in many vegetarian and vegan foodstuffs.
Since 2006 Meatless have been producing texturized products based on, among others, white beans, rice, lupine and wheat, to be processed in vegetarian food concepts. Using Meatless enhances texture, succulence and colour of the final product. The expertise of the Meatless team with regard to reformulating vegetarian to vegan products has been the foundation for various successful market introductions during these last few years.

What do we at Meatless do with vegetarian and vegan products?
• improve succulence
• improve the texture and change the “bite”
• influence the colour

How do we do that?
• By using texturized products based on wheat, lupine, rice, white beans and seaweed
• By using our broad experience in the field of developing and producing vegetarian products

We aim to be your preferred supplier for the development of vegetarian products

The Meatless team works in close alliance with a large number of manufacturers of vegetarian products all over the world.
We do not only take part in the joint development of new concepts with our customers but our technicians frequently present newly developed concepts proactively. Meatless were among the first companies to present a vegan fish substitute, and today many variations of this product have been successfully introduced in various countries. Meatless products ensure an improved succulence and ‘bite’, and they are heat stable. Because of this, the juiciness will be retained, even at high frying or grilling temperatures. Furthermore, vegetarian snacks containing Meatless can be deep-fried without any influence on binding or texture.

If you want to change the world, start with yourself!

Providing the growing world population with wholesome and safe food is widely viewed as a formidable challenge, taking in account the limited availability of farm land, water and fossil fuels.
Resources are becoming increasingly scarce and more expensive and this situation will become more pressing in the future. Our activities are a modest contribution to alleviate this problem but they bring about a positive feeling to all our employees, clients and suppliers. For more than a decade Meatless have been working daily to provide the world with better food: tasty products for a changing world.

For whom?
• manufacturers of vegetarian and vegan products
• retailers and caterers
• manufacturers of ready meals or snacks
• fast food chains, restaurant chains