The Meatless team helps you improve your product

How do you make a vegetarian product more succulent? How do you create perfectly tasting lean products? How do you improve the bite of a product? How do you make your pâté less fat but still smooth? Would you like to  reformulate a vegetarian product into a vegan one? Are you looking for a substitute for chicken egg proteins or palm oil?

The Meatless team has an answer to all these questions. If you like, they will fully unburden you with technical support, and think along with you in all areas: commercially, financially and technically. It is their ambition to improve your products to perfection.

The proof of the pudding is in the eating
Meatless ingredients and products are used by food producers in various sectors. Most of the applications can be found in vegetarian and meat products, but Meatless is also used in fish products, ready meals, dairy products and bakery ingredients. Partnerships, custom made solutions, security of delivery and flexibility are the core values our clients appreciate us for and in our activities we put emphasis on speed and performance. Don’t hesitate to ask us if you’d like a presentation or a sampling of products from our portfolio. Let yourself be surprised!

De Vegetarische Slager

For the prize winning spring rolls of De Vegetarische Slager, Meatless delivers a textured product based on lupine, of which we are very proud. In an examination of a big number of different spring rolls by the AD (one of the major newspapers in the Netherlands), the vegetarian spring roll was said to be the best. De Vegetarische Slager is the first butcher in the world that does not sell meat. The spring roll is filled with Chinese mushrooms, vegetables and lupine. The Meatless product based on lupine adds a ‘bite’ similar to a piece of (chicken) meat. Meatless products are extremely heat stable and, therefore, they can also be applied in end products that are fried.

Best test results

According to the testpanel of the AD (one of the major newspapers in the Netherlands), our vegetarian spring rolls are by far the best spring rolls available in supermarkets in the Netherlands. Especially the structure and the crispy crust of the spring rolls caught the eye of the panel. This project is just one of the many succesful applications of our lupine based product. We also produce bigger flakes that have large similarities to meat from field beans.

Febo vegetarian grillburger

In the Netherlands, Febo is a well-known snack bar franchise, where you can take snacks out of a wall. The design has existed since 1941, and has proved to be very succesful. The most popular burger from the franchise is the Grillburger, which was launched 40 years ago. In 2017, this burger was sold 3.7 million times by Febo. Recently, a vegetarian version of this burger was launched: the Vega Grillburger.

Vega Grillburger

The Vega Grillburger was launched on March the fifth 2018, on the occasion of the Vegetarian Restaurantweek, which is held every year in the Netherlands. The Vega Grillburger was developed using various Meatless products.