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About us

Meatless have been successfully developing and producing basic ingredients for leading brands in the food sector for almost ten years

We have developed a range of special textured products for the food sector which are used in various product groups such as meat, fish and vegetarian. The often custom made products developed by Meatless result in better end products, increased production efficiency and commercial success for the client. We are not traders or importers, but we are dedicated to a particular product portfolio that we produce ourselves and that we know all the possibilities of. You will be talking to specialists who have in-depth knowledge about the product and its applications.

Basic ingredient for premium products

Meatless is completely vegetable, does not contain raw materials of animal origin and is therefore also suitable as a basic ingredient in vegan products. Using production methods developed in-house that are unique in the world, Meatless make distinctive ingredients with specific properties. Meatless products can add succulence, fat experience and smoothness and can also improve the texture of many products. All of this while retaining clean label and within realistic cost price levels. Meatless products are the main ingredient in many successful premium products and we do take some pride in that.

Our team

Every day at Meatless, a close-knit team of more than twenty enthusiastic employees work with the most advanced equipment producing food ingredients and developing new and better products. We enjoy working on beautiful innovations and ideas, and that’s what we are good at. Meatless’ production and turnover grow more than 20% every year and each time we seem to be able to inspire our clients with new possibilities and products. Our success motivates us and turns Meatless into a beautiful company that is continuously being developed and renewed, a company with a pleasant working atmosphere, close cooperation and hardly any staff turnover. We do not only work hard for our clients: we also create the right environment in which our employees are encouraged to come up with ideas, whether these are related to our custom made and unique production lines or to the most complex customer requirements.

What can we offer you?

We add value to your products. Our broad experience in the field of food production combined with our unique products forms the basis for innovative reformulation: this can be about extreme fat reduction in meat products or about converting a vegetarian product to a vegan version. The solutions that we offer are aimed at practicality and can be used on existing production lines. Many of our products are ready-to-use and processing is very easy. And when a product is successful? Then we are able to efficiently step up production to very high volumes while retaining the highest quality standards, helping you proactively with implementing your production. It is our pleasure to help you; our dedication is the corner stone for our mutual success.