The demand for hypo-allergenic foodstuffs is increasing.

Meatless have a relevant answer.
Meatless have succeeded in texturizing rice like a “wholefood” and have introduced a hypo-allergenic flake which is very successful in meat, fish and vegetarian products. Are you looking for answers concerning allergens? Please read on.

Clean label and 100 % vegetable

This Meatless rice alternative is available in many shapes and versions, including a dehydrated variant. Meatless rice products is the fastest growing group within our product range. The products are clean label, rice flour is the only declaration of your end product. The products do not contain any allergens and they are 100% vegetable.

Not all Meatless products qualify for this declaration.

All other Meatless products contain allergens, the versions based on wheat and lupine are among the 14 most important allergens and must be mentioned on the packaging of the finished product. The version based on white beans belongs to the pulses group.

Like to know more about the potential of our hypo-allergenic flakes?

Get in touch with the Meatless team. We will be happy to help you with our expertise and our practical support when you are developing and producing your hypo-allergenic foodstuffs.

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