//Fish without fish?

Fish without fish?

In vegetarian development, we often talk about meat substitution. However, challenges just as big lay in the substitution of other proteins like eggs or fish. Meatless has been busy with this for years, and we are able to perfectly imitate the soft, white texture of fish. With the right aroma and the eyes closed, we can even trick the best fish connoisseurs.

How do we do this?

For these kind of products, we originally used Meatless products based on rice as a raw material, but recently we have started using mixes of rice varieties and Meatless products based on fava bean. With this combination we can handle the softness or elasticity of the texture as wished for a perfect imitation of fish. Meatless products are made of so-called “wholefoods”, which means that we use the complete flour of the bean or cereal grain instead of concentrated proteins or carbohydrates. These products have a very easy “clean label” declaration and, if desired, can be produced allergen-free.

Why would you want fish without fish?

Overfishing is still increasing worldwide, and people have never eaten as much fish per capita as today. In addition, there have never been more people in the world. If you would like to know more about this, read this article in The Economist online. Wild fish is caught smaller and smaller because we catch them ever earlier. Fishing has to be and is indeed regulated worldwide to prevent long-term problems.

Most of the consumption growth in the last decade has been made possible by fish farming, and no longer by catching wild fish. At the last Seafood in Brussels, everybody was talking about the rising prices of fish in the world. That is why the substitution of fish, completely or partly, is not a bad idea. Because there will not be more wild fish on this planet, but there will be increasingly more people.

See how simple Meatless works? Give us a call or send us an email and we will show you what you can make with Meatless. And how easy it is to prepare something delicious made of beans or grains, because a great taste is paramount. We are proud to be able to make delicious white fish snacks from plants which seem deceitfully real.

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