Meatless products contribute to more efficient food production

We are fully aware of our responsibilities and we take them seriously, which is why we work with Blonk Environmental Advice of Gouda. They are an external company assessing and monitoring our products’ performances regarding greenhouse gas emissions and use of land, water and energy.

Use our durability tool to determine the impact of Meatless on your finished product  

Specifically for our customers we have developed a tool to determine – using the latest insights – what the impact of using Meatless on their finished products is going to be. Meatless products have very little impact on the environment in comparison with other products, such as meat, extruded products or other protein products. Using Meatless and its accompanying durability tool not only offers good opportunities to improve final product quality in an environmentally friendly way, but also offers our clients the opportunity of proving this to the end user using proven facts and figures. In this way we can help you to meet the increasingly stringent demands put forward by buyers wanting to meet their durability objectives.

Meet your durability objectives with help from Meatless
Our knowledge of durability in food production chains is significant. The Meatless team offers this knowledge via targeted advice with regard to meeting durability objectives and limiting the footprint. Would you more information on this?

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