Our goal is to be your preferred supplier of knowledge and innovative nutritional concepts

Meatless work closely together with manufacturers in very diverse sectors of the food industry.
Apart from our mainstream applications in meat and vegetarian products we are also involved in cheese and bakery products. We are very happy to help you to make your innovative ideas become reality. Substitution of specific proteins like chicken egg proteins also has our special attention, as well as the substitution of palm oil used for fat experience. Meatless are also working hard on injection mixes which give chicken and turkey products a strongly improved juiciness when grilling or roasting.

We do not only take part in the joint development of new concepts with our customers but our technicians frequently present newly developed concepts proactively. These ideas are not just interesting in themselves, but they are also realistic and practically feasible in an ever more rapidly changing market. Challenge us with your ideas and let us think along with you about concept and product development: you will be surprised about the possibilities our products offer you.

When used in various products, what does Meatless – the product – do?
• reduces fat
• adds succulence
• retains or creates texture
• improves smoothness and spreadability
• influences the cost price

How do Meatless – the company – do that?
• By using wheat, lupine, rice, white beans and seaweed products
• By using our extensive expertise and experience in foodstuff production
• By continuously putting emphasis on innovation and renewal
• By working in close cooperation with our clients

Meat, fish and all kinds of basis products are becoming increasingly scarce and more expensive and this situation will become more pressing in the future. Our activities are a modest contribution to alleviate this problem but they bring about a positive feeling to all our employees, clients and suppliers. For more than a decade Meatless have been working daily to provide the world with better food: tasty products for a changing world.

For whom and with whom do Meatless do that?
• For the food industry worldwide
• For retailers, caterers and fast food chains