Fat reduction

Meatless is the best replacement for fat in your meat products and enables you to reduce 50% of fat without losing taste or quality

Reducing fat in meat products is no simple task. Fat has an important taste function and gives meat its juiciness and a characteristic mouthfeel. Meatless’s special products have made it possible to replace fat without loss of taste or quality. The products’ juiciness remains, even with extremely low fat levels. The same goes for cheese products, whose smoothness is not lost when using Meatless to reduce fat levels.

By using Meatless, the fat levels in food products can be decreased by up to 50%. This not only diminishes the number of calories but also lowers the cholesterol levels. In addition, saturated fat levels can also be reduced considerably.

Meatless helps you in developing preparation methods, achieving your health goals and developing market concepts. We have ample experience in developing concepts regarding sustainability and healthy food, and we have results at our disposal from general consumer research and benchmarks of various concepts, with and without Meatless, that have been put on the market.