Meatless is innovative and develops more and more applications for its products. Over the past years, our test kitchen has developed special products, such as juicy hamburgers with less than 5% fat, made with pure lean beef and 20% Meatless fibres. We successfully developed a delicious American processed cheese containing only 16% fat combined with 15% organic Meatless fibres. Meatless also created a unique fishlike product (see picture) with less than 5% fat.

Various arguments and goals can be thought of for redesigning food products using Meatless.

Sustainability and health can be considered, but hypo-allergens or cost prices can also be priorities. Another prevalent reason for using Meatless is to achieve clean-label and organic products without any artificial additives. For instance, a steak hash was developed for the French market, intended for school lunches. Meatless created a product using 20% Meatless fibres and only four other ingredients: beef, salt, spices and ground rice.

We offer practical solutions for reducing fat levels, lowering the number of saturated fatty acids, increasing sustainability, and decreasing calorie and cholesterol levels. These solutions are applicable in the food industry and fit within real price ranges. The product is available in large volumes and can be exceedingly easily processed.