Meatless matters in meat

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Meatless is happy to be your partner for the best texturized functional ingredients in meat, fish-vegetarian and vegan products


• Meatless is made of lupine, fava beans, wheat or rice and is an excellent fat replacer in meat- or cheese-products
• Meatless makes meat products more juicy, but it is also an excellent raw material for the production of vegetarian and vegan products
• Meatless is cost efficient, unsurpassed in quality and offers you full technical support, both in R&D and in production implementation

Meatless offers a wide and varied range of ingredients

Currently we distinguish four main groups within the Meatless range; textured products based on rice (hypoallergenic), fava beans, lupine and wheat. These four basic products are available in different sizes and colours. The rice varieties are also available in dried form and in powder form. Most of the Meatless ingredients are white to light yellow in color. In addition, other color versions are available, including brown and red. Only natural products such as real caramel and red beet are used for coloring. Meatless products are delivered both frozen and in dry form worldwide.

Work with Meatless on a more efficient food production

The Meatless team takes its responsibility seriously: using Meatless we can develop food products that have a lower impact on the environment compared to regular products and that difference can be significant.

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Meatless supplies to large food processing companies worldwide

We produce in compliance with the laregst food producers in the world and  have quality assurance systems at the highest level.  As we have a long experience in production and supply for the food industry, we continuously work on sufficient production capacity, security of supply and flexible logistics.  All this makes us a reliable partner in textured ingredients with a flawless track record.

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About Meatless

Improving your product is our passion

Meatless originated from the vision that food products often can be improved. We work every day on better, more sustainable and healthier products for customers, make products more succulent or improve texture and bite. Our own basic products are also subject to continuous development and innovation. This drive to innovate has resulted in an impressive portfolio of successful concepts and products.


With Meatless you can develop very lean meat products that taste just as good as full-fat varieties

Calorie and fat reduction is one of the important drivers in the food industry. You can make smart combinations of vegetarian and meat products with great nutritional values, lower impact on the environment and reduction of fat and calorie content.

Meatless is made from wholefoods
Meatless products are made from wholefood grains or pulses. Our products offer a very friendly and short declaration in your products. We have organic and hypo allergenic versions available and all our products are GMO free.

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Meatless adds value to meat

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Meatless adds value to meat free

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